Thursday, 5 August 2010

Welcome to My New Leeds Utd Blog

I have created this blog because i am a massive Leeds Fan, i live in Northampton but try and watch them as much as possible!

Leeds getting promoted this season will help with the amount of matches i get to see, as they are already on Sky and the BBC 5 times before xmas! I do try and get to Elland road as much as possible, but working in the hospitality trade makes this hard for me! I do get to Elland road at least 3 times a year!

I first started supporting Leeds when i was 11, my mums side of the family are from Leeds so followed them, although the first ever football shirt i ever owned was a Liverpool shirt! But im pretty sure this was a hand me down, so that doesnt count!

Anyways im pretty optimistic this season, im really hoping for a top 6 finish. Ive watched them in pre-season and apart from the Bury game they looked really strong!

The person that has caught my eye the most out of the new guys is Sam, he looks sharp and smart on the ball. I didnt see much of Sanchez Watt last season, when he was at loan for the last five games. But apparantly he looks bright also!

What do you guys think about the Leeds United season in the Npower Championship?

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